Triple Trailer Tuesday!

Three terrible trailers for two (almost certainly) terrible films and a (more than likely) terrible miniseries.

We start of with… STAR TREK BEYOND.

The director of Fast and Furious? Well, it’s not like you could TELL or anything.

Mind you, I do like many of the F&F franchise films. But that’s not the sort of thing Star Trek is really about, you know?

Next up… I’m gonna let you guess this one from the trailer. (Probably, you won’t.)

Yeah. It’s THAT classic, timeless work of landmark Western Civilization literature. Looks like a music video or, well, the Fast and Furious movie, no?

Last one…

No Will Smith? WE RIOT NOW.

I don’t get why they’re worried, though. They just need to find another MacBook or maybe an iPad and they’re GOLD.

2 thoughts on “Triple Trailer Tuesday!”

  1. Will Smith was offered the role of President Stephen Hillyer, and turned it down. The franchise is better off without him.

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