Bats v Supes: Nope, Not Looking Any Better

In fact, it’s kinda looking worse.

First off, I HATE Lex Luthor as a whiny, twitchy nerd boy. Eisenberg was GREAT in Zombieland, but this is NOT his role. Lex Luthor should be imposing and menacing, yet capable of charm. Bryan Cranston is the PERFECT Luthor. Vin Diesel, if you wanted a more physical actor.

A couple of good things: This origin for Doomsday is much better than the comics’ one, but he looks kinda stupid. And Gal Gadot is, of course, stupidly hot.

Zach Snyder makes BOLD decisions — Batman isn’t a brand new super in this movie, but has had a 10-year career — but many times they’re the WRONG decisions, like the whole “dad had to die” thing from Man of Steel. And this movie seems to have involved a long list of bad decisions.

It looks like a disaster. We can only hope it sinks the DCCU, and lets Warners reboot it without Goyer and Snyder. (Other than Suicide Squad, which actually looks like a good movie.)

7 thoughts on “Bats v Supes: Nope, Not Looking Any Better”

  1. Not watching trailers, of course. But just not at all excited by this film. From the pictures I can’t avoid and the chatter, it seems to be continuing down the wrong path begun by Man of Steel. I’m reminded of the voice over from yesterday’s F4 Honest Trailer in that that movie seemed embarrassed to be a superhero flick. I felt the same about MoS; it seemed to be embarrassed to embrace what Superman is, and so filled in those gaps left by the excised wholesomeness with edgy, dark, Jesus drivel.

  2. As soon as I was certain Gal was playing the New 52 Murder Woman, and not Wm. Moulton Marston’s creation, it cemented my instinct not to watch any sequel to Man of Steel.

  3. Yeah, this Lex may kill the movie even faster than Batfleck.
    What the trailer doesn’t make clear is what the heck Wonder Woman is even doing here. Sure, she’s hot and I’d probably watch a WW movie if Gal was fronting that tunic but…why?

    I don’t mind Zack Snyder. He is at least a genuine fan of comics and not just a hack for hire. I won’t cut him slack on movies that suck….erpunch but I don’t hate him.

  4. OK. Actually bothered to watch the trailer.
    1) Cavill and Affleck have good banter. Both in and out of costume. Affleck is a better Batman – from what I see here than Bale. But then, I was one of the few that said I thought Ben could do it, but was not going to judge sight unseen.
    2) That said the script his character is in still looks atrocious.
    3) Jesse Eisenberg is playing the Joker brilliantly in this. Why are they calling him ‘Lex’ though?
    4) “Wow! Bruce Wayne and some newspaper reporter standing together. This is a historic event.” Why is Clark Kent so important? Comparable to the Prince of Gotham?
    5) All the stuff in the article.

  5. No mention that it basically spoils the whole movie? Add in the pointless grimdark filter and you’ve basically seen everything this movie has to offer. I don’t know what is wrong with DC’s movie team, but they need to start learning SOMETHING from their TV team.

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