All About That Inside Out!

I SAW it and I LIKED it [“I knew he would!” — Joy] and if you don’t, TOUGH! IT’S MY DARN BLOG! [“Thatta boy!” – Anger]

But if you’ve forgotten what Inside Out is [“Are you kidding me?” — Disgust], here’s a kinda sorta recap, courtesy Honest Trailers.

So, it was a fun movie. But it wasn’t quite perfect. There were a few errors. Here are some of them…

[“Ohhhh, I hope this won’t ruin the movie for me.” — Fear]

And last [“Last? Awww.” — Sadness] but not least, How It Should Have Ended, highlighting a plot hole Cinema Sins missed, but I caught. [“Of course you did! You’re AWESOME!” — Joy]

Thanks for tuning in, and if you haven’t seen it: WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Go!

2 thoughts on “All About That Inside Out!”

  1. Pixar haven’t made a bad movie yet. Cars 2 isn’t great, but it isn’t bad. That said, a Cinema Sins would tear it to pieces.
    Hopefully, I’ll catch Inside Head (it’s name in Japan) soon.

  2. I was surprised how much I liked it. I didn’t feel like I was the target audience but it hooked me. Yeah, it had flaws but it was solid.

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