Civil War Begins!

Welcome to Black Thursday, the biggest shopping day of the year! (In America.) In honor of a day that sometimes looks like a war, I bring you the first trailer for Marvel’s Civil War! (See what I did, there?)

Cap’s good friend is wanted for crimes he committed while mind controlled. Cap doesn’t want to turn him in, especially after finding out the entire government is shot through with Hydra agents. It makes sense, and it’s a much better premise than the one from the comics “Civil War” crossover event. If they can only avoid the “unmasking Spider-Man” stupidity, it’ll be golden.

Cap’s last sequel — Winter Soldier — was much better than both Iron Man sequels and the Thor sequel, so I have high hopes for this one.

4 thoughts on “Civil War Begins!”

  1. Whats wrong with the Spider-Man unmasking? I thought that was one of the high points of Civil War. Won’t play as well on the big screen as this spiderman is a kid with no real history.

  2. I want to like this… but I still think it’s almost character assassination to take the Tony Stark that effectively flipped off Congress and make him a stooge of the State. That character arc doesn’t ring true to me, and I just see the puppeteer’s hands too easily in the whole “let’s make the heroes fight because they are way more interesting than the villains… except for Loki, and we can’t use him again” mindset they seem to have. I know, the Civil War is a relic of the comics, but I didn’t buy the storyline there, either. It seemed to me to be largely predicated on Stark being a conveniently prescient control freak (with his little cadre of Illuminati to Show The Way), which doesn’t seem true to his character, either.

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