5 thoughts on “The Force Awakens: Honest Trailer”

  1. Still not enough lens flares. (AKA, don’t challenge them to make it worse. They will take you up on the challenge!)

  2. Yeah, the Prequels were a DISASTER. I don’t necessarily think this one will be great, but it CANNOT be worse.

    Please don’t taunt Murphy.

    (I hope.)

    Nope, that won’t dissuade Murphy. O_o;;

  3. Over the weekend, a friend found out that I hadn’t watched any of the trailers for the new Star Wars and he made me watch them in hopes that I would get hyped. I tried to explain that I’d been through all of this before with the prequels and there was nothing that could get me hyped about new Star Wars.
    The only thing that provoked any reaction was the new Darth whatever, and that was just a “who the F is this supposed to be?”
    The only thing that impressed me about the trailer was how uncompelling it all was. It’s like, they knew that any story they have to tell would be shit so they’re trying to sell us on “TIE Fighter/Rebel Assault Cutscenes: The Movie”

  4. All I’ve seen so far is “weaponized nostalgia”. Do stuff that looks like the old stuff, but no hint the story will be as moving and meaningful as the original movies were.

  5. My 11 year old self who thought Maarek Steele was badass is telling me I want to see a movie about the black Storm Trooper, but I’m reminding him “not the one they probably made. Didja see Thrawn in that trailer? No, you didn’t! It’ll be just like that time Gendy Tartakovsky tricked us into thinking Revenge of the Sith wouldn’t be terrible!”.

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