So You Screwed Up Your Movie… HOW?

Here’s ten ways people borked movies that COULD have been good.

• Yeah, young Anakin was a bad idea. Then again, so were ALL the ideas in the Prequels.

• The “Butterflies!” ending of I Am Legend was bad, and that one would have been much better. I’ve also read people agitating for the book’s ending, but it would have been preachy and (by today’s standards) cliched. “The real enemy… is US!” SEEN IT.

• “Singer be gone.” Singer might have been better. But he also made the execrable Superman Returns, so maybe not. But boy, that third X-Men movie sure sucked, though.

Batman Returns is another example of everything done wrong. I can’t think of a single thing that movie did right. Batman and Robin was worse, though.

• A more focused The Hobbit? See here. Yes, it works.

• I liked Alien III. It’s not as good as Alien and Aliens, but taken on its own it’s quite a creditable movie. If it had only begun in any other way than “Newt and Hicks are dead!” That was an unforgivable sin for most fans.

2 thoughts on “So You Screwed Up Your Movie… HOW?”

  1. Yeah, except for turning all of Aliens into a ‘shoot the shaggy dog story’, 3 was one of the best in the franchise, returning things to more of a psychological horror.

  2. Alien 3 has the beginning of character drift (not development) for Ripley. I wasn’t fond of the whole ‘Alien as a metaphor for AIDS’ theme either. Oy and that ending with the Madonna and Child imagry with alien baby. Ugh, no. No thanks.

    The Prequels were an utter mess but there were good moments in them. I think Red Letter Media and Belated Media covered good alternatives well enough. I know how I would have told that story and it wouldn’t have sucked….I don’t think.

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