So You Wanna Be an Evil Bastard…

I’m not averse to being an evil bastard in games — witness my love for GTA V, or the fact that I blew up Megaton (once) — and sometimes, not even for the Achievements. Still, don’t some of these cross some kind of line?

• In GTA V, you only leave an ACTOR on the train tracks, not an innocent woman. TOTALLY different.

• That Fable II thing seems like WAY too much work for my taste. (Though I should probably check to see if I got that one. I might have.)

• Of course I did the grenade one. Who hasn’t? Though I should point out that’s footage from Fallout New Vegas, not Fallout 3.

• 75% Renegade? Please. You gotta go 100% Renegade or Paragon, just to level up the powers. Easy as pie.

• That Battlefield Bad Company 2 one would require me to, IDK, actually PLAY Bad Company 2. Again.

 • Overlord had some cute writing, but bogged down in the first third of the game. Never bought Overlord 2.

Deus Ex? Please. That’s a save, quick action, 10 GS, reload. Child’s play.

• I did the Halo: Reach one. Was harder than I thought. (Also, are they gonna re-release it for the Xbox One, like they did ODST?)

So how evil have YOU been?

2 thoughts on “So You Wanna Be an Evil Bastard…”

  1. In the original Knights of the Old Republic (XBox) I embraced the dark side of the force. Late in the game I called in a wookiee’s blood debt and had him kill his best friend.

    The game rebooted mid cut-scene.

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