ALL Movie Trailers are EXACTLY the Same!

All movie trailers are the same, or so says the wacky guys over at Red Letter Media. I think they have a pretty strong case. (Though, to be fair to Hollywood, they’re really talking about action movies, not all movies.)

Then again, it’s not just trailers. Movies (especially action movies) have adopted a blue & orange color scheme which predominates throughout the whole film and beyond, even including the very posters used to sell the movies. As a result, many seem samey.

Hollywood has a deficit of creativity, and a dearth of risk-taking. Studio executives, the money men, are obsessed with making “no risk” movies, which means recycling proven IP’s (hence the endless reboots and remakes) and doing exactly what everyone else is doing. After all, a risk might fail, and you’d lose your high paying job, with associated perks and power. But few have ever been fired for doing exactly the same thing everyone else is.

People are so loathe to take risks, they almost never approve a project. Screenwriters and directors thus have to fine tune the movie so they can sell it to actors, directors, or studio execs, instead of the ostensible audience.

For screenwriters, they write a script with a character a leading actor wants to play, so the A-List actor will come onboard and push the project forward. They write a script with every emotional beat spelled out, so studio execs can understand it (despite the fact that directors and actors HATE these kinds of scripts).

It becomes less about making a great film, and more about trying to negotiate the labyrinth. Less about pursuing excellence, and more about propitiating the powerful. Less about standing out, and more about fitting in.

Doing what everyone else does is utterly safe, and makes for utterly boring movies.

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