Did Age of Ultron Actually Suck?

“No,” would be my reply, but like a lot of people, I felt it didn’t live up to the standard set by The Avengers. And here’s 150 reasons why.

Why only 150? Because some of the reasons aren’t actually problems. I mean, screw those people complaining about Black Widow not being able to have kids. That’s a stupid objection.

What really hurt the film is that they padded it out with nonsensical filler, like Thor’s “visions”, that had more to do with future movies than this one. A very small amount of filler can KILL the pacing and clarity of a movie, as it did here.

Also, a lot of the plot made no sense: why create Ultron, how was his plan supposed to work, why was he doing it, etc. Those parts, I think the video covered well.

Between the filler and the nonsense, the movie just didn’t work as well as the first one, and I think audiences sensed that.

5 thoughts on “Did Age of Ultron Actually Suck?”

  1. The deleted scenes has the unfinished original version of the cave scene. In it, the norns speak through Thor, and speak about the Infinity Stones, giving the answers that Thor is reacting to when he shows up at Avengers Tower later.
    That version totally served this movie, while hinting that he needed to return to Asgard. I think it would have worked much better.

  2. Also, a lot of the plot made no sense: why create Ultron, how was his plan supposed to work, why was he doing it, etc. Those parts, I think the video covered well.

    It WOULD have made sense had they followed the thread set up by the very good Iron Man 3. They could have had a small arc about Tony increasingly automating stuff and then learning (as Chuck pointed out in his Robocop review) that while machines have some advantages over man, they have trouble with fuzzy logic and there just needs to be an override ability for man to sometimes take over.

    That probably bugged me more than anything else, the rest I would have been fine with.

  3. I thought it was a solid movie. Not as good as the Avengers, which might be the high water mark for superhero movies, but good. I think my last blog post I’ve written was about Avengers 2 and I found it had more depth to it the more I thought about it.

    One example is the whole accusation about Stark being guilty for the wanda twins parents death. The person who makes a weapon isn’t guilty, the person who uses it determines if a weapon is used wisely or unwisely. An artillery shell doesn’t DO anything….but Ultron? Ultron is a weapon that does DO things on its own. So though Stark is innocent of guilt in the Maximoff case, he does bear some guilt for making an active, thinking weapon in Ultron.

    Anyway, the more you dig, there more there is to enjoy in Avengers 2, for me at least.

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