Totally Terrible Video Game Ripoffs!

It’s hard to get more shameless than this…

But let’s be honest: rip-offs are NOT automatically terrible. Sometimes, when everyone rips off the same game, what happens instead is the birth of an entire new gaming genre.

Take Doom. EVERYONE ripped it off, and what we got from it was 1st Person Shooters, like Halo, Bioshock, and Half Life. If no one ripped off Doom, most of the best games of all time would never have happened.

Then there’s Grand Theft Auto and ITS ripoffs, which include not only the obvious, Saint’s Row (a well-above-average series in its own right) and Crackdown (the often overlooked but fun-as-hell superhero GTA) but, arguably, Skyrim. Open worlds are among the hottest fads in gaming right now, and they owe their burgeoning popularity to GTA.

Frankly, artistic endeavors thrive on cross-pollination and inspiration. Lousy, shoddy copies are properly labeled ripoffs (and those in the video certainly qualify), but well done clones are, in fact, authentic and awesome games in their own right.

3 thoughts on “Totally Terrible Video Game Ripoffs!”

  1. Hey, those Simpsons games were satires and usually pretty worthwhile.

    Some knock-offs are of good quality and give a good value when the makers of the original game is in no hurry to produce a sequel. (Looking at you, Nintendo. Why was there never a Super Mario World sequel on SNES or a Super Mario 64 sequel on the N64? Afraid you’d make too much money?) The Ty the Tasmanian Tiger series blatantly drew inspiration from Jak & Daxter but were good enough to make me want remakes on current platforms.

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