2 thoughts on “Ten Launch Titles So Bad They May Have Sunk Their System”

  1. Cruisin’ USA was solid in the arcades, at least, so I can see why someone thought it could be good at home. The rest… yeah. Bad ideas.

  2. Only one of these games, Cybermorph, can truly be called a launch title. That is, a game that is the pack-in or the sole title available for purchase at launch. In nearly every case there was a memorable title that the system’s success hinged upon. What did Cruisin’ USA matter to the N64 when people were buying the unit just for Super Mario 64?

    Cybermorph was actually kind of cool in that it demonstrated a level of technical capability that simply couldn’t be matched by an other platform then available for purchase. I had a very early Jaguar, with a serial number in the 4000 range. Cybermorph was a decent pack-in that could have been quite good if they’d had time to give some real mission modes. Far more horrible was the only other game available at launch, Trevor McFur in the Crescent Galaxy. This was graphically impressive for the time but was plainly an unfinished demo as far as the game play went. This was supposed to be a Gradius type shooter but was incredibly lacklustre. It’s evident that they started with the graphics and then made the game, which is a backwards approach to the genre.

    Mortal Kombat was just one of several Midway titles that were recalled and reprinted. Sega had sent them a dev kit that deviated from the final hardware in a way that made the Midway launch spread prone to crashing. They weren’t alone. Early Dreamcast games crashed more than any other platform I’ve ever owned, which is most of them.

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