Vehicles So S**T, You’d Be Better Off On Foot

People complained about Fallout 3 not having cars, and that Fallout 4 won’t either. But face it, folks, if their cars were as BAD as these seven vehicles, you’re better off without.

• I liked the Mako. I spent a lot of time Makoing around in the Mako. (And, as always, f*** Bioware and EA.)

• “Desert Bus”? There’s a game that DESERVED to go unreleased. Bad move, guys.

Deadly Premonition? Just because it’s “survival horror” doesn’t mean the WHOLE GAME has to suck.

• Yeah, I’ve stolen a Faggio, and driven it across Los Santos. I was desperate for a vehicle, and the streets were empty out where I was.

• I liked the airboat. Screw you. The only part that sucked was the combat with the helicopter dropping roughly 500,000 mines. And running over Combine was HILARIOUS.

Also, you guys missed the planes in GTA V. And the helicopters in GTA IV and V. They ALL suck.

5 thoughts on “Vehicles So S**T, You’d Be Better Off On Foot”

  1. Is an Iron-Man suit of armor a vehicle? If so, then add the ones from Lego Marvel to the list. The flying challenges are just tedious and difficult because the control system, which can’t be remapped, is stupid. Add to that the delay to begin flying after the initial key-press, and a stopping action that sometimes works and sometimes sends you hurtling at twice the speed in anther direction, and you’re lumbered with a winner. Kids, which the game is aimed at, must love it. Not.

  2. Desert Bus was intentionally designed that way. It was aimed at the Capital Hill crowd that hate the violence in video games, to show them what the kind of game they wanted would look like, and why no one would buy/play it.

  3. Ah, the Mako. Yeah, it wasn’t really that bad. It was just some planets that were crap. (I’m looking at you, Nodacrux.)

  4. I’ll admit, I was another one who loved the Mako, as quirky and insane a vehicle as it was. If you got the hang of it, you could mountain goat your way into so many absurd positions, and then snipe to death everything above ground. It was a fun, weird beast.

    Though, I wasn’t terribly bothered when they left it out of the second and third games in the series.

  5. I too loved the Mako. Who doesn’t like sniping enemies with a fricking tank gun?
    Plus, taking it though the Conduit was one of the best Crowning Moments of Awesome I’ve ever experienced in a video game.

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