Age of Ultron: Just Not as Good as the Other One, You Know?

And Honest Trailers explains a lot of the reasons why…

They’re exactly right: the movie wasn’t bad. But it was a mediocre Marvel film. Saw it in the theaters, watched it last week. Wasn’t eager for another rewatch.

Last thought: At three movies a year, plus TV and Netflix, how long until @Marvel employs EVERY SINGLE actor in Hollywood?

4 thoughts on “Age of Ultron: Just Not as Good as the Other One, You Know?”

  1. Well Avengers was just about perfect for what it was. Age of Ultron didn’t match it but it did go in different directions. We got to watch Hulkbuster armor vs the Hulk, got some good superhero action. I don’t agree with all the writing and direction choices but my quibbles are small.

    I actually found it had more depth to it than I expected.

  2. There’s a lot to like in it. I especially liked the Black Widow and Banner romance. Yes, please move the characters in new directions off-screen. We don’t need the script to explain everything to us; let the actors act and we’re smart enough to keep up. The only real problems I had with it were Thor’s Magic Jacuzzi and the Hawkeye and wife scenes.
    Thor’s Magic Jacuzzi had corporate fingers all over it about how there had to be even more dumb tie-ins for stuff that we don’t need to know in this movie. The first vision he had was enough for us to understand what’s going on. And the Hawkeye and wife stuff, which I liked where it was coming from, strayed off into how he’s the heart of the team and they all need him to give them perspective. He isn’t and they don’t, so it was giving it a gravitas that he’s never earned. If their conversation had remained focused on him and her and their soon to be family of three, I would’ve enjoyed the slice of Avengers home life it was meant to be.
    Otherwise I really liked it.
    And please give Dr. Helen Cho and Maria Hill a weekly TV series that lasts all year round. I don’t care what they do in it – they can just sit around talking about the shopping for all I care – but put them on my screen much much more.

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