Five Totally Awesome Games That Totally BOMBED!

What is WRONG with you people? WHY DO YOU HATE GOOD GAMES?

Jade Empire was great, but maybe a little less accessible than it needed to be.

• Played Rayman Origins. Not my kind of game.

• Played Brütal Legend. Again, didn’t like it. Also, EA lied about what kind of game it was.

Okami? Before my time, and on the wrong platform, to boot.

Beyond Good and Evil? Never played it.

HEY BOOK PUBLISHERS? You know how 620,000 copies of your $10 book is a SMASH OMG SUCCESS FROM SPACE! Well, 620,000 copies of a $60 game is A DISASTER SO BAD ITS EPIC FAIL LASTS FOR CENTURIES!

30 years of preachy, boring message fic really torpedoed your market, huh?

9 thoughts on “Five Totally Awesome Games That Totally BOMBED!”

  1. I played a little of Okami. It was interesting — definitely an art AND genre shift — but something of a niche game, not really a blockbuster.

  2. I only ever played Okami (though to be fair, it was at the end of the PS2 development cycle so I missed out on a ton of games), but it’s an incredibly satisfying Zelda-esque game that I love to bits.

  3. JADE EMPIRE was boring. I loved KOTOR and bought JADE enthusiastically… stopped playing after an hour or two. Flat characters, not the least bit inspired.

    PSYCHONAUTS is brilliant and absurdly hilarious.

    BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL is sort of an alien cartoon version of the early SPLINTER CELL games. Quirky and a load of fun and a crushing cliffhanger ending. I really wish they’d release a worthy sequel.

  4. Agree with your view of Jade Empire but something that wasn’t mentioned is that when it was initially released it was console only (PC version came out 2 years later and by then it was starting to look old). Given that almost all Bioware games before then had been PC (or shortly later released on PC), they effectively shut out their traditional market with that move.

  5. Rayman Legends is way better than Origins. Origins physics just bother me.

    They should have listed God Hand instead of Okami (which actually did decently), as it is intensely cool, yet all the review sites dog-piled on it because they can’t deal with tough games.

  6. I liked Brutal Legend. Mostly.
    It was a lot of fun. Running around in the go-cart while listening to great tunes is a blast. The fight mechanics were solid. The short rhythm games to influence fights were an interesting risk/reward trade-off that worked pretty darned well. The plot was solid, and kept a tone that fit the subject matter. And I’d still love to put a lot of those screen shots up on my wall (despite being much too old for that.)
    But the RTS battles were NOT my favorite.

  7. lets try some math: a game that retails for about $60 nets the game makers about $24 each. 620,000 units makes them 14.8 million. a good game can easily cost as much as a Hollywood blockbuster, a quick google search gives numbers starting at around 50$million. so, yeah 620,000 units is a flop. as for books, an author gets about 15% – or about a dollar a book. publishers get about 5$ per 10$, so those 620,000 net them about 3mill. it costs them only a tiny fraction of that to get from turned in manuscript to book store shelves.

    I don’t disagree about boring message fiction, but right now what is really hurting books is the traditional publishers demanding the same amount of money for ebooks as print books. for my money, if im going to fork over for a dead tree book, I want the digital copy for free. I mostly pirate ebooks from the big publishers, I only pay for the indie ones.

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