The Relentless Dead Are Coming For You!

There are, at last count, ELEVENTY HAJILLION Zombie Horror movies in production. And DAMN, do most of them look like the suck.

Let’s take a look at trailers for three of them, and make mostly unjustified snap judgements about whether or not they’ll be worth seeing. (You all do it! It’s what trailers are for.


The Verdict: Honestly, it probably sucks. I still want to see it. Supposedly it’s already been released, but I can’t find info about WHERE anywhere (even on the official site). This is not a good sign, IMHO.

Zombie Ninjas vs. BLACK OPS

The Verdict: Are you kidding me? A D-grade zombie flick with the same gimmick that at least two other zombie movies being released JUST THIS YEAR have? It sucks, it sucks, it sucks so hard.

Zombie Fight Club

The Verdict: Don’t tell me: It’s a ripoff of The Raid. And it probably sucks. I still want to see it, because the trailer is BAD. ASS.

Someday, they’ll stop making zombie movies. Until then, I’ll enjoy my undead hordes any way I can.

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