Those Video Games That Doesn’t Real

Ten of them, in fact, the top 10 fictional games ever made!

• The Arm gestures in Ninja Ninja Revolution confused me. How are they even part of gameplay? How does the machine even detect them? Or are they just players showing off?

Attack on Zurg seems like a spiritual successor to Dragon’s Lair, the fully animated (by legendary animator Don Bluth) twitch gaming / Quick Time Events grand daddy video game.

• Honestly? I don’t know how Sugar Rush ISN’T a real game yet.

One thought on “Those Video Games That Doesn’t Real”

  1. “Attack on Zurg” was recreated pretty faithfully in the Buzz Lightyear mission of “Toy Story 3”. My kids favorite mission to watch, I must’ve played it over 50 times. I’m sure there’s a walkthrough on YouTube.

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