10 more things you yahoos can’t help but do!

• Yeah, I’ve done most of these, one as recently as yesterday, and a different one the day before that, but come on, they totally cheated with #10 and #2: they’re both basically the same thing. Losing track of time is losing track of time, no matter whether it’s Civ or GTA. (Or even Master of Orion 2. Just as a random example.)

• I’d complain about him hating Watch Dogs, but I’ve played Watch Dogs. The loathing is justified.

• Saving lots isn’t a bad idea with Bethesda games like Skyrim (the one they chose to illustrate “saving too often” with). Bethesda games are FILLED with bugs, and having lots of old saves is just smart, as you have to reload from when the bug cropped up. Heck, Shadowrun: Hong Kong did the same thing to me, so saving more often would have been a good idea.

• I tend to pick up everything and sell it. Until I get sick of inventory management, then I just pick one chest in my house and stuff it all there.

4 thoughts on “OCD in VIDEO STRIKES BACK!”

  1. Lol, I too used to collect everything in Skyrim and sell it, until I realised the cheap trinkets contributed very little. Nowadays I just take the moderately valuable and up, and sell everything but the good arms and armour. Still makes you wealthy quite quickly. :D

    One needs a good horse, though. And the ‘grab everything’ command in a huge container is evil.

  2. Yeah, I sometimes think, “Do I really need to save so often?”. Then the one time I go a while longer between saves the damn game crashes or I realize I just picked a social interaction that sends me down an undesirable path. Then, I’m cussing at the screen the whole time I’m redoing 10 minutes of crap I just went through, knowing I should have just damn well saved when I was supposed to.

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