Video Game Enemies Who Exist Just To Piss You Off!

Video game designers do it all the time: introduce one enemy who only exists to MAKE PLAYERS MAD. Here’s ten of them.

Some observations:

• Cazadors: Yeah, you just suck. Stick to well-traveled roads, keep an eye on your enemy indicator (they move back and forth rapidly, and you can detect them from very far away), level up before you face them, learn to use sniper rifles. (Also, VATS is your friend.) Cazadors are NO PROBLEM.

• Never fought them, but Hardhat Beetles would REALLY tick me off.

• Status effects? Stun locks are generally a bad idea in video games.

Far Cry 4 eagles are totes obnoxious? Can confirm.

• Wait, there’s a mode WITHOUT creepers? Damn, I’ve been playing this game ALL wrong.

• Cliffracers sucked so bad, they introduce the ghost who killed them all (when he was alive) in Skyrim, so players can rejoice that they’re all dead.

• Mimics are from Dungeons & Dragons, you ignoramuses. Not sure if it was Gygax or Arneson, but it is OG D&D.

Hey designers: don’t do things just to be obnoxious, okay? It’s no fun for players.

3 thoughts on “Video Game Enemies Who Exist Just To Piss You Off!”

  1. Mimics in Souls games are great. They are very Souls-esque. You rushed to open that chest without watching the blood stains or reading the messages on the ground. And you didn’t hit it as a test either?
    You go what you deserved.

  2. I’m still not sure what possessed them when they decided to make cliff racers the most populous enemy in the game.

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