OCD in Video!

You do weird things in video games, don’t you? We all do, DON’T DENY IT! But do you do the same weird things that Outside Xbox does? Check and see.

Shooting the merchant? Not so much. I’ve got better ways to waste my time.

The camera thing, though? Totally me.

Stacking bodies? Just once, when I was on a holy mission to clean up the Capitol Wasteland. (Also, I recently went to Washington DC, and Fallout 3 NAILED the subways.)

Jumping? Yes. Especially in Oblivion, where it was one of the only ways to level your skill.

Making myself? No, that’s just stupid. Toilets? No. Money cheat? No. Cliffs? Not really. Burning everything? Nope.

Dammit, who the hell wrote this list, and have they EVER played ANY games, like EVER?

Maybe the commenters can do a better job.

Yeah, better. At least I DO most of these, unlike the previous vid.

Except number 6, which seems a bit strange. Instead, I run ahead until the game spazzes out and tells me to go back to the NPC, then I fume and wait for them to git gud and catch up to the superman track star I am apparently playing.

Also, the teabagging thing? NO. Just NO.

And the stairs isn’t even a compulsion. It’s just smart gameplay. And the worse you are at the rest of the game, the more you need the loot they hid away.

Also, shooting red barrels? Didn’t know that was a thing until after a couple of years of playing shooters. “Hey, all the red barrels blow up in every game. That’s odd…”

3 thoughts on “OCD in Video!”

  1. Reloading I tend to do, I’ve jumped into fire. Not sure about packrat stuff.

    Teabagging? No.

    Explosions, yesssss….

    Otherwise I compulsively save the game and recheck projects in Civ-type games. THAT’s OCD. :-o

  2. In the original Thief, I did stack up all the unconscious Hammerite bodies in a ditch on the hammer temple infiltration mission and then hack at them with my sword after I’d completed the objectives.

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