The Bar at the Center of Existence

Imagine a world where something like this ACTUALLY MADE SENSE…

I would KILL for a setting where this makes sense. Fortunately, I have one.

There’s a lot of ways you could go with the material: time travel, meta-fictive, even recursions from Bruce Cordell’s The Strange. Forget about people meeting themselves, trippy as it is. I want to go in a different direction. Instead of those specific characters, think in terms of archetypes.

Imagine a place where a cyborg cop, a cyborg assassin, a dhampir, two psychic warrior-monks, several mob bosses, a godling from a dimension of agony, various alien races, a bad-ass martial artist, a robot, and nearly any other being imaginable could meet in a club and fight it out.

That is Storm Knights (and its predecessor, Torg), and in that game world something nearly exactly like this is possible. It is, in fact, the entire point of the game. (Plus, it allows you to add in elves, wizards, costumed super-powered heroes, paladins armed with the power of God, and much, much more.) And yes, there is a spot in the game world where a club EXACTLY like that exists.

I like it. I like it a lot.

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