Sultry Steampunk Seductress!

Steampunk is the aesthetic of an alternate Age of Steam, where fantastic technology straight out of HG Wells and Jules Verne is commonplace, and wonders beyond imagining are possible.

This stunning seductress, straight out of the pages of any number of steampunk opuses, is courtesy Russian cosplayer Irina Pirozhnikova and photog Aleksey Vododokhov.

Irina Pirozhnikova Steampunk 5

A mischievous grin, with the promise of a whirlwind romance and a broken heart.

Irina Pirozhnikova Steampunk 4

Waiting for trouble at the station.

Irina Pirozhnikova Steampunk 3

Two guns. All trouble.

Pirozhnikova, otherwise known as Captain Irachka, can also be found on Facebook.

(click gallery pic to embiggen)

3 thoughts on “Sultry Steampunk Seductress!”

  1. May be a nitpick, but steampunk is far more Verne than Wells, if Wells at all. Verne’s works like 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and From the Earth to the Moon are absolutely steampunk source. But Wells was on the cusp of 20th century science and hence a true grandfather of modern science fiction, and in that sense is much easier seen as a link to Asimov and Bradbury. Wells and Verne’s stories were written 30-40 years apart, an incredible time of transformation in industry and understanding of science.

    I know the point of your post, but I am sure Irina would agree her cosplay is thoroughly Vernian!

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