Silver Screen Heroes From the Golden Age of Hollywood!

The Golden Age of Hollywood featured a bevy of beautiful dames and dashing leading men. Joe Phillips imagines superhero films that never were and never could have been, straight from the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Marilyn Monroe Power Girl

Of course we have to begin with Marilyn Monroe. The iconic Blonde Bombshell is the ONLY choice for Power Girl.

Mickey Rooney Judy Garland Teen Titans

In their prime, Mickry Rooney and Judy Garland were among the biggest stars in Hollywood. If you cast a Teen Titans movie, it’d have to be them.

Lauren Bacall

Lauren Bacall as Phoenix, from the X-Men. One of his few unfinished pieces, it is nonetheless evocative both of Bacall and the deadly X-Man.

The gallery below contains several more pieces, both finished and unfinished. It’s a fascinating look at a silver screen Golden Age Hollywood that never was.

(click thumbnails to enlarge)

Check out Phillips’ Facebook page At The Link!

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