Best Trailer I’ve Seen in, Like, FOREVER!

I have NO IDEA if this movie is even worth watching. But the trailer KICKS ALL SORTS OF ASS.

The Bad:

• PG-13, so no real blood. Horror movies without blood SUCK. (See World War Z Theatrical Release.)

• This could be less “interesting twist on horror” and more “stupid movie that makes fun of horror but isn’t actually scary”. BAD IDEA.

• GRRRRRRRRL PWWWWWWWR! All those Indie Festival awards may mean it’s a trite, preachy message movie about how much men and society and movies suck. NEXT!

• Liquor won’t actually burn like that, and cigarette ashes won’t actually set gasoline on fire, much less liquor. (Mythbusters did this whole thing and… Nit picking? SO WHAT IF I AM?!)

• They MIGHT not kill off the annoying hipster. Which, I mean, I don’t even know why you would do that, but it’s POSSIBLE.

Anyway, I like the trailer — spoilers and all — and I’m sorta looking forward to the movie.

I hope it doesn’t suck.

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