What if Daniel-san Really IS the Bad Guy?

If you ever watched How I Met Your Mother, you know Barney Stinson, lady killer and snazzy suit wearer, fervently believed that blonde rich kid Johnny was the hero of The Karate Kid.

What if he were right?

My main objection to this short is that Johnny is REALLY unlikeable. Which he is: real jerk, rich, good looking, lots of friends. But does that mean he’s actually EVIL?

Clearly, we’re meant to identify and sympathize with Daniel. Poor kid, laughed at, no friends, etc. And being the protagonist, and sympathetic to boot, covers a lot of sins: we allow protagonists to get away with anything, up to and including wanton murder of innocents. (Just ask Neo.) But does that mean he’s RIGHT?

The next time I watch The Karate Kid, I’ll be rooting for Daniel. He is, after all, identifiable and sympathetic. But I cannot deny that I’ll be wondering if Johnny might have been the good guy all along.

6 thoughts on “What if Daniel-san Really IS the Bad Guy?”

  1. Johnny was certainly bullied, but by his instructor. He’s no hero, but he’s more sympathetic than a cardboard villain.

  2. Plus Daniel cheated at the end. He never should have been awarded the victory. The rules were ‘no kicks to the face’, but how does Daniel win? With a Crane Kick to the face.

    The fix was in, the fix was in.

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