Better Cosplays Than Marvel’s Cosplay Covers!

So Marvel’s doing a bunch of “variant” covers, featuring cosplays of several characters, such as Spider-Man and Thor. I’m underwhelmed.

I’m not sure if it’s the photography or the costumes, but I’ve seen WAY better cosplays. Heck, I’ve featured way better cosplays.

Let’s prove it.

We’ll start with one of Marvel’s cosplay covers, this one of Spider-Woman.


Yes. That is actually a real cover Marvel really put on one of their comics. Voluntarily.

Compare it to the following.


Rogue, from “The X-Men Captured in Cosplay!” Marvel character, superhero cover, much better than anything Marvel bothered to do.

There’s more.


Lady Comedian, from “Action Movie Cosplay Snaps“. Tough, menacing, compelling. The sparks and the background make it look like a still from a movie, not just some Regular Jane in a costume.


Kerrigan, from “The Queen of Blades in Cosplay!” The costume is amazing, the set incredible, and it all comes together in a great series of shots. Whereas Marvel’s stuff just sort of sits there.

Nor are these the only cosplay photos that beat Marvel’s all hollow. A quick gallery of much better cosplay snaps previously featured at the House…

(click to enlarge)

Take a look at Marvel’s gallery, now take a look at mine. Know what the difference is? Theirs looks cheap.

Marvel’s looks like amateur photogs taking amateur photos of amateur cosplayers. And that’s just sad.

One thought on “Better Cosplays Than Marvel’s Cosplay Covers!”

  1. I’ll give a faint nod to the Nova and Ant-Man covers, as they weren’t all that bad. But I agree, you provided many examples of work that looks stunning in comparison. They dropped the ball.

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