You Haven’t Even Seen the WORST Fantastic Four… Yet!

Fantastic Four bombed. Its current rating on Rotten Tomatoes is 8%. That’s lower than the Ben Affleck Daredevil (44%) AND lower than Jennifer Garner’s Elektra (10%).

Hell, it’s lower rated than Howard the Duck (38%).

But it’s not the worst Fantastic Four ever made. THAT honor goes to this unwatchable hot mess.


Go ahead. It’s the full movie. You can watch it.

If you dare.

You know what’s REALLY sad? Even THAT piece of garbage has a higher Rotten Tomatoes score than the current movie: 33%.

3 thoughts on “You Haven’t Even Seen the WORST Fantastic Four… Yet!”

  1. IMO it scored higher because, rotten special effects aside, Doom actually LOOKS like Doom. Armour, cape, pistol. Menacing villain. Menacing, not mad as insane, Doctor Doom, written be a script-writer who AT LEAST looks like he knew who the viallain was before trying to write a story about him. Fox could learn something there.

  2. This version scored higher because of two reasons: 1. There was never actually any intention to release this move in theaters. It was given just enough budget to make a feature length movie just so they could retain the intellectual rights. Roger Corman even with a limited budget and constrained schedule actually managed to make a passable movie knowing full well that no one would actually see it. 2. It falls into that category of movie that it is so bad it is good.

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