Totally Awesome Masters of the Universe Portraits! (Really!)

There are few things more impressive than taking a cheesy toy line and TV series, meant for children, and turning it into something powerful, even classic. And when your style ALSO makes it an homage to Frank Frazetta, well then you’re just showing off.

Let’s start with the Sorceress, the Mistress of Castle Grayskull. Powerful and beautiful, she is equally revered and feared.

The Sorceress

Variously the clone or daughter of the Sorceress, Teela was raised by the brave Man-At-Arms, eventually becoming Captain of the Royal Guard of Eternia.


Next Prince Adam, heir to the kingdom, also known as the muscular He-Man, the hero most responsible for the kingdom’s many victories over the diabolical Skeletor.


But in addition to those incredible portraits, I present a poster (done in true 70’s fashion) for a Masters of the Universe movie that never was.

Masters of the Universe

Truly awesome pictures. And you’d like to see more (and there is WAY more), you can find more At The Link!

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