The Great War With The Martians!

Wells-inspired World War One documentary footage of the Martian invasion of Earth:

I like this short, not just because it’s well done and interesting, nor just because of the subtle implied storytelling, but also because a steampunk world resulting from Earth scientists studying the tech of the invading Martians is a favorite concept of mine. It’s incredible to see something from your head be illustrated so vividly, if not exactly as you imagined.

The implied storytelling is superb. The Martian war machine looks directly at the camera, starts stalking towards it, then the camera cuts off. The implication is clear.

Also interesting is the progression of events: the Martians invading, overpowering all resistance. Fights against the same. Tanks and biplanes mounting Martian weapons. A Martian surrendering and being escorted by Allied troops. Interrogation of a Martian. Investigation of the open back of a Martian war machine. It tells a story implicitly, not explicitly, yet is clear as day.

(Also, those artillery crews standing their ground and firing at point blank range at the advancing Martian tripods are insanely brave. It shows an incredible amount of courage.)

If I did have two nits to pick, it would be the music choice and the lack of audio. The music is more suited for an MTV documentary, not something about 1913. Period music would have been preferable.

As would nat sound (shooting, yelling, Martian war machines clanking across the landscape). I understand this was the era of silent films, but documentaries fake that sort of thing all the time, and sound effects (and period music) would really have sold the piece.

This short is from a longer TV movie, broadcast on the History Channel UK in 2013. You can find out more about the two hour mock documentary “The Great Martian War 1913-1917” At The Link!

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