The Former Fantastic Four’s: Fairly Foul

Honest Trailers does the honorable thing, and puts the the two Fantastic Four movies out of their misery quickly.

To prepare for this post, I finally broke down and watched Rise of the Silver Surfer. It sucked. It’s not the WORST movie I’ve ever seen, but WOW was it horrible.

I downloaded it. I watched it. I deleted it.

I HAVE seen worse movies. But man, was this one bad.

There just seems to be a curse on Fox’s Fantastic Four efforts. In addition to the previous two bombs, the newest one has a 9% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which is ABYSMAL.

Those involved are busy spinning the disaster, the studio is desperately throwing out random trailers to entice people, and the director had a mini-meltdown on Twitter, talking about how his original vision was butchered by the studio and would have been a classic. More, Fox abandoned that whole “shared universe with the X-men” thing. These are not good signs.

I happen to agree with Honest Trailers: Marvel should definitely get control of the Fantastic Four back. Not least because a lot of people assume it was Marvel’s movie anyway, which just damages their reputation. Plus, they could probably do a good job.

Tell me the studio that made killer Ant-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy movies couldn’t make a brilliant “Dr. Doom and Some Other People” flick? You can’t.

So, until Marvel pries the rights out of Fox’s cold, dead hands, I guess we should resign ourselves to periodic attempts to revive the franchise via several poorly-thought out and badly cast cinematic excrescences.

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