Xbox At Gamescom!

The Gamescom convention is currently raging in Germany (because when you think “raging party”, you think “Germans”) and today was Microsoft’s turn to WOW a gathering of Teutonic gamers. They busted out a bunch of trailers for upcoming games, of which three caught my eye…

I liked Halo Wars, but it needed a little more cook time as well as two more campaigns, ala Starcraft. I’m actually shocked they’re doing another one, I always assumed the first was shoved out the door incomplete just to make some money on a game the management saw as sub-par. (Which is why it didn’t do so well.)

The first Homefront was mediocre at best, though it did some interesting things with drones. This one looks like a ripoff of the BAD Red Dawn, down to the kid raising his AK and everything.

Does not bode well.

Other than being Bioshock-inspired (to the point it looks almost like a clone of that dystopian FPS), there isn’t much about this that jumps out. If it’s just another excuse to lecture people about politics, I’ll give it a miss.

And of course there’s the Big Dog, the shoe-in for Game of the Year: Fallout 4. I’m all over that, assuming I have more time this holiday season than last year.

Hey, it could happen!

2 thoughts on “Xbox At Gamescom!”

  1. We Happy Few is more like The Prisoner tv show. I’m backing them and I’m pretty impressed with what I’m seeing.
    It’s definitely not a FPS, it’s distopian but not like Bioshock.

  2. Yeah, We Happy Few is very different in flavor from Bioshock. I’m gonna wait and see on that one (I’ve been burned by preorders a few too many times).

    Fallout 4 though… mmmm… a friend of mine preordered it for my birthday present.

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