Completely Badass Concept Art Babes!

On a lark, and desperate for something to write about, I went digging around my concept art folder. <flip, flip, flip> “Hey, why don’t I do a post on THIS?” And so it is.

So, from about 1/10th of my concept art collection, I bring you the three coolest, most incredible, most interesting badass babe character portraits.

[Shadow] silver_centurion_leona_by_vinogradovalex-d7he1cg
by Aleksei Vinogradov
In a dungeon, looking for trouble. Looking like she can dish it out.


by Anthony Guebels

One of my favorites. In the midst of an explosion of magic, she stands unperturbed. Whether she caused it or whether it’s happening to her, she is ready to do what she must.

by Juan Pablo

Hundreds of feet in the sky, the cyberpunk cop is toting her pistol and Advanced Mortar System.

NOT someone to be messed with.

Great art is something to marvel at, and each of these has something worth marveling over. Each is a personal favorite, and all three are among the best I’ve collected.

2 thoughts on “Completely Badass Concept Art Babes!”

  1. I didn’t buy these, I found them looking for mood and character art. Do a search for the artist name.

    DeviantArt and ArtStation are both good places to find artists, and many of them are accepting commissions.

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