Honest Trailers Does: Mission Impossible(s)

And it’s GOOD.

Watching this reminds me how good those movies are. Even the “bad” ones are better than ninety-nine out of a hundred movies made today. And the good ones are simply great.

My favorite is III, basically because of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s performance and Maggie Q’s scorching hotness. And it had an interesting script, killer action sequences, and Simon Pegg. And was just plain enjoyable.

I’m hoping Rogue Nation lives up to the standards set by the rest of the series.

7 thoughts on “Honest Trailers Does: Mission Impossible(s)

  1. You like these movie? Really? I suppose if you wanted to switch your brain off and watch Tom Cruise and you couldn’t find your VHS of Top Gun, then they’re passable. But for me, only 3 approaches good. In fact, Ghost Protocol is the only movie so bad that it motivated me to write an IMDB review of it. They’re the Man of Steel of action movies – take a great premise for a film, and then completely ignore it so that it can be repackaged as something else. In this case, four Tom Cruise vehicles. Sorry, five now. Of course I’ll watch the new one, but that’s not a recommendation.

  2. Don’t you feel they’re wasted opportunities to tell MI stories that are faithful to MI?
    Speaking of MoS, here’s two links to two fairly short videos where a guy talks about why what went wrong might have gone wrong. I like that he’s critical yet respectful of those he is criticizing.

    They might be of some interest to you.
    And then there’s Nostalgia Critic going head to head with Angry Joe. Much longer, but pretty well done. Though in the end, I can’t see it the way NC tries to see Joe’s point of view. Why make a Superman movie that doesn’t have Superman in it?

  3. Watched the first two, and even the third. Angry Joe has been DMCAd.

    The underlying point of the second MoS is right, but it has a bunch of irrelevant and false supporting evidence. In 1 and 3, he makes a good case.

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