Stunning Redhead Portraits By Maja Topčagić

People say there’s no such thing as “talent”. People are idiots.

Some people are just genuinely gifted in certain endeavors, and even if they’re not as skilled as they one day will be, their natural abilities shine through.

Bored Panda collected a series of nature shots of redheads by Eastern European photog Maja Topčagić. She makes what would otherwise be bland, boring pics into something moving and unutterably beautiful.


“Just a girl with hair blowing across her face.”

No, it’s breathlessness, intensity, anticipation. Her first love chased her across a field, both of them laughing. He caught her, and now is about to kiss her for the very. First. Time.


A girl hiding behind a sunflower becomes something mysterious and beckoning. And those eyes…


Innocence and beauty, a nature goddess in her element.

Without words, all photography has is the power of evocation, of making you feel something. It’s implicit, unconscious, emotional.

Capturing the perfect instant on film takes a great amount of technical skill (aperture, timing, lighting, focus) but also talent: the talent to take the mundane and elevate it to the ineffable.

You can catch the rest of the gallery over at Bored Panda.

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