Elysiam Entertainment: Extra Awesome!

Cosplay has developed from being a hobby that’s an adjunct to geek culture to something wholly amazing in its own right. Don’t believe me? I defy you to check these pics from Elysiam Entertainment, and honestly say otherwise.

Ladee Danger as San of Princess Mononoke

Absolutely intense.

Next up… Samus Aran!

Vampy Bit Me as Samus Aran of Metroid

Sultry and creepy. Quite the combination.

Danielle Beaulieu as Blood Elf Hunter of World of Warcraft

Danger incarnate. Be on your best behavior.

Meagan Marie as Gladiator Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman, hunting evil.

Both in the detail and authenticity of the costumes and in the quality of the photography, cosplay has clearly matured into a wholly valid hobby all its own.

You can catch several more Elysiam Entertainment pics at their website, or read more about who they are and where they came from over at Cosplay Photographers.

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