Torg: Eternity On Line for GenCon!


Torg was a trans-genre RPG from the early 1990’s that withered and died just five years after its introduction. Despite its ignominious end, Torg’s concepts and mechanics went on to inspire a great many game designers, who made a great many great games under its influence, such as Savage Worlds and Spycraft. This moribund state has lasted for 20 years, but it seems as if, at long last, Torg will see a renaissance.

Teased earlier this month with a series of obscure emails, Google+ and Facebook posts, and tweets featuring the game’s iconic speckled red-and-blue “eternium” dice, Torg: Eternity, published by Ulisses Spiele US and distributed by Paizo Publishing, will update the game system and setting for the modern world, including streamlining the mechanics and (according to Dean Gilbert, member of the as-yet-unannounced team), tweaking the Realities in ways the fans will like.

(What? “Realities?” Yes, Realities.)

Other announced members of the team include Patrick Kapera, designer of Spycraft and Mistborn and Shane Hensley, creator of Deadlands and Savage Worlds. (Wait, “announced”? Yes, there was a press release posted Tuesday. Plus the afore-mentioned Google+ posts and the like.) According to the press release, “[t]he design team includes many who worked on the original Torg.

Hensley, studio head: “Though my plate is pretty full with my own company, Pinnacle Entertainment Group, I couldn’t resist working on the game that gave me my start. I also met a kindred spirit in Markus Plotz [owner of Torg] who truly loves and appreciates what a turning point Torg marked in RPG development, so I just couldn’t say no.”

They even consulted with Greg Gorden, the man responsible for pretty much all of the landmark RPG. “I really like this re-imagining of the Torg mythos,” Gorden said. “The streamlining and modernization of the game mechanics feel spot on. I cannot wait to play this game!”

And now, Torg: Eternity ART!


That right there is almost assuredly Doctor Mobius, perhaps after a character redesign (the cowl missing its trademark “∞” symbol). (Either that, or a Dark Avenger hunting the Nile Empire villain. Who dresses almost exactly like him. Perhaps not.) It is simply THE best picture of the insane, megalomaniacal, worlds-conquering dictator ever published, which bodes well for the line’s art direction (under the command of Aaron Acevedo, Pinnacle’s Art Director).

[I wonder also about the absence of blue-and-red, and the presence of all the orange, but I’m gonna bide my time for now. ; ) ]

Torg: Eternity will preview during the up-coming GenCon, and will be published in a deluxe, full-color hardback sometime in 2016. (No word yet on Drama Deck cards or speckly red-and-blue dice.)

9 thoughts on “Torg: Eternity On Line for GenCon!”

  1. I’m hoping they do include the Drama Deck. While a custom Deck of cards needed to play the game can make for an irritation logistically, Torg’s Drama Deck works so well that I adapted it for use with several other games, including 2nd Edition AD&D.

    I’m also hoping they fill out some elements that make logical sense but were barely touched on by the original game, such as creation of custom cosms, and better defined character creation.

    I wonder if the game will keep the same emphasis on cinematic gameplay, or try to tailor the gameplay more to each individual cosm…

  2. I think the colouration is a conscious choice to emphasise the “red” or destruction side of the red / blue design.
    I suspect that iconic pictures for the good guys will have a clear sky blue background rather than the stormy red one you have here.

  3. Grr, my first reply didn’t show up and I ended up repeating myself :D Can i spend a possibility to roll again?

  4. I carry the Torg d20 around in the pocket of my coat. My lucky die has followed me around for 24+ years! I really hope that if they go down the Kickstarter route, that a new die is one of the add-ons and not a stretch goal that we might not reach. “deluxe, full-color hardback” – oh, drool!!

  5. I hope they have illustrations like that for each of the main High Lords. The style is excellent.

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