Fallout 4: Lying For The Cause!

First the vid, then the biting commentary. Five minutes of gameplay from the forthcoming Fallout 4!

“A sufficiently well-planned demo is as real as a Penn & Teller Vegas stage show.” – Bruce Tognazzini [as restated by me]

By long-standing tradition, on-stage demos at trade shows, including those for video games, are mere illusions, stage magic to convince breathless industry journalists, cynical yet gullible industry analysts, and rapt enthusiasts that products can actually do what they currently can not. They are often just simulations of what a product MIGHT look like if it actually worked, even though it does not yet, at present, actually work.

And if that holds for a demo held in front of a rapt and captive audience at an industry trade show, it goes quadruple for an official corporate YouTube video, which is as closely related to the truth of whatever it depicts as a Photoshopped picture of the Statue of Liberty wearing green copper Bermuda shorts in a pretty, if monotone floral pattern and flip-flops does to the actual Statue of Liberty.

Which is to say: since the demo never crashed during this five minutes of footage, I can comfortably assume this is not an actual Bethesda game, but footage from a parallel universe where Bethesda doesn’t ship buggy shit. Either that, or an illusion, no more real than sawing a lady in half.

Even so, actual game play might, I say again MIGHT, be loosely related to contents of this video, even if only by implication. And despite their legendary quantity of bugs, which normally require an epic level of fan dedication to identify and work around, Bethesda games are at least fun and mostly non-preachy.

Hence my decision to purchase this forthcoming masterpiece at some point, despite knowing that actual gameplay will no more resemble this video than Ghostbusters 2 resembles actual events from New York history.

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