Nazis Conquered America In The New Amazon TV Trailer!

The fascists won World War Two, and all that’s left is the suffering.

And, perhaps, the resistance.

The original series, set to air on Amazon, is based on a Phillip K Dick novel, the author of books that would later be transformed into Total Recall and Blade Runner (and, less auspiciously, Through A Scanner Darkly). If they stick with Dick’s usual stylings, expect things to get a whole lot weirder.

2 thoughts on “Nazis Conquered America In The New Amazon TV Trailer!”

  1. This was fairly early for Dick, before he really hit the hard stuff. So it’s relatively conventional.

    What I’d really like to see is a movie of ‘The Turning Wheel,’ a story about a future in which Scientology has taken over the world. This was actually written before Scientology, when it was just Dianetics and wasn’t presented as a religion. It appears in the second of Jerry Pournelle’s Imperial Stars anthologies, which Vox Day’s company will hopefully be reviving sometime next year.

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