Forging The Kill Bill Katana!

Forging a katana using ancient Japanese blacksmithing methods. And HOLY CROW!

I don’t have a lot of comments, which is fine because it’s a lengthy video. But I will say that people have the misimpression that “primitive = simple”. That’s BS. Frankly, very human endeavors are truly simple, not if you are truly going to master them. Simplicity is an illusion, fostered by utter ignorance of what a task really requires.

As a simple example, just consider the exact and technical jargon in the video. Each separate component has its own specific term, used to discuss making that specific part of the blade. This same specificity holds for armor (“pauldrons”, “greaves”, “vambraces” etc.), castles, bows, and on and on. All refer with exactness to one specific feature, and no other.

This specificity is required because making that individual piece by itself is a highly complicated and technical endeavor, and unskilled labor is of only limited use. And it took centuries, maybe millennia to learn how to do it.

Pretty much EVERYTHING humans do is complicated, especially the apparently simple primitive endeavors. And the video demonstrates this aptly.

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