Counting The Sins of The Dawn of Justice Trailer!

Yesterday you saw the trailer, now let’s count its sins! (Sorta.)

As you may have gathered from yesterday’s post, I’m not the biggest fan of the all-Watchmen, all-the-time DC Cinematic Universe. It seems dour and depressing and a fair bit pretentious.

Hell, The Avengers blew up as much of New York as Man of Steel did (sorry, “Metropolis”), and it was a fun action movie, not a depression inducing commercial for Prozac. Zack has done some GREAT work (including Dawn of the Dead, 300, and the afore-mentioned Watchmen), but Man of Steel was NOT his finest hour.

On to the sins…

• Jeremy’s more forgiving of the flaws than I am. Maybe that’s the benefit of dissecting the trailer, rather than just being overwhelmed with suck.

• That house might not be dead. It might be a garage, a barn, or they might not have been home.  (Never noticed it myself, maybe one of the drawbacks of dissecting the trailer, rather than just being overwhelmed with suck.)

• It’s MEXICO man. That’s Día De Los Muertos, the Day of the Dead. It’s a whole thing down there. (And on DeviantArt. Seriously.)

• Zuckerberg is the WORST Lex Luthor in all the movies. Gene Hackman is king, despite all the camp written into his part (errors of an era where “fun” meant “campy”) and Kevin Spacey knocked it out of the park (being the best thing in a bad movie). I loved Jesse Eisenberg in Zombieland, but he is NOT Lex Luthor.

• Yeah, the batsignal was stupid, and I’ll tell you why: they changed the logo so they could fit Superman’s inside of it. Take a look…


Looks stupid, don’t it? Exactly.

• Good to see the Comedian getting some work. Jeffrey Dean Morgan was awesome in “Supernatural”, “Magic City”, and, well, Watchmen. Why didn’t they cast him, or maybe Jackie Earle Haley as Lex Luthor? I mean, look at this pic of Haley:

Lex Luthor

Yeah, he could do Luthor. Either could, and better than Eisenberg.

• Gal Godot is unutterably gorgeous. Not right for Wonder Woman, but still beautiful beyond the reach of mere mortals.

• I know I said it yesterday, but “Desert Battle Uniform” Batman? WTF?

Will I see it? Probably. In the theaters? Maybe.

But the trailer hasn’t made me MORE likely to watch, and isn’t that what a trailer’s supposed to do?

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