Dawn of Justice: The Official Unofficial Trailer!

San Diego ComiCon has come and gone, leaving in its wake a dozen different trailers, some officially released, some (ahem) not. This one wasn’t, but after playing Whac-a-mole with half the Internet, Warners caved and then it was.

Give it a look, and then we’ll talk.

I’m already sick of the new “all-grim, all-gray” DC Cinematic Universe. Man of Steel wasn’t my favorite movie, and there was just so much of it that was so WRONG for Superman. Like the grim-and-gritty comics of the 1990’s, who took all the wrong lessons from The Dark Knight Returns, WB has taken all the wrong lessons from Nolan’s The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises.

Plus, COME ON, “Desert Battle Uniform” Batman? What are we, GI Joe?

Does he have one with ice skates, too? Because that didn’t work out so well last time.

“Grim and gritty and realistic… unless WB’s licensing division can make another 10 mil off a crappy tie-in toy!”

Come on, Warners. You can do better than THIS.

Can’t you?

5 thoughts on “Dawn of Justice: The Official Unofficial Trailer!”

  1. I don’t watch trailers, but I did this time as I wanted to comment. Circular logic, I know.
    Also, I really disliked MoS. It got every character wrong, which is hard to do when each character is very clearly defined in the comics. I mean, how in the world can you get Pa Kent wrong??? And there’s also the history of the Reeve Superman they could have turned to. For me, it failed on pretty much every level. And the Jesus stuff…

    I’ll try to be positive about this. I like that it’s aiming for a mature audience. I think run time is going to very important. It looks like it has a big story to tell, and I hope it gives the movie time to tell it. Its got to span from the end of MoS through to the birth of the JLA via Superman is an enemy of Earth, Batman is a violent vigilante, Lex is a… I don’t know yet, Kryptonite, Congressional hearings, Wonder Women, BvS, the defeat of Lex, Batman and Superman become… friends? There’s an awful lot there.

    Mostly, I want to see Superman, which was what MoS was missing.

  2. I don’t like this interpretation of Superman, he seems like a dick. There’s nothing good natured or humble about him. He comes off creepy rather than heroic.

    But one of my friends made an interesting point. Marvel has cornered the market on Superhero movies that make you feel good. DC is going a different way, dark and gritty, ugly even. That makes for more variety and contrast in superhero movies. I don’t like the DC movies particularly but perhaps my friends vote for some variety has validity.

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