Will The REAL Deadpool Movie Be This Annoying?

Joker and Harlequin vs. Deadpool and Domino. VERY well done, but the best part is the Domino / Harley catfight. (And you can skip the interviews. Or not. They’re cosplayers, so…)

I get the whole “breaking the Fourth Wall” thing — She-Hulk does it also — but as done here it’s mostly annoying. (Other than the voting thing.) I just hope the Deadpool movie will be more cool fights and less 4th Wall gimmicks.

Also: How the HELL do you rack the slide on two pistols by rubbing them together like a grasshopper’s hind legs?


One thought on “Will The REAL Deadpool Movie Be This Annoying?”

  1. It LOOKS like Domino racked the slides with the heel of her hands. Do able. A better question is why the heck she’s packing Makarovs :)

    I like the Deadpool leaked trailer quite a bit, great mix of humor and action. But for me, Deadpool is good in small doses. That’s what worries me, he wears out his welcome fast.

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