Terminator: Salvation Sucked, And Here’s Why…

In honor of me finally getting to go see Jurassic World and Terminator: Genisys, I present… Everything Wrong with Terminator: Salvation!

Man, that movie SUCKED. And, like most big-budget Hollywood disasters with ultra-high budgets and stellar technical talent, the fatal flaw can be traced back to the script.

The movie is a giant pile of post-apocalyptic cliches, slapped together helter-skelter with no thought as to how they fit into a coherent universe. And what isn’t cliched, isn’t any good.

Here’s how it went down:

A studio executive orders a sequel, because that’s safe. Several writers are assigned to churn out the script, given a couple of months to do it in. Movie is scheduled as a summer tentpole, begins pre-production, lands a star and director, and goes into production.

Result? Absolute garbage.

Maybe if Hollywood cared more about making movies than ego-driven pissing contests, keeping their cushy jobs, and sneering at ticket buyers, they’d make better movies and make more money.

It works for Marvel.

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