NOW I Want To Play Watch Dogs

So, I tried Watch Dogs. Got bored. Went back to play GTA V through to 100%. Again.

(What? Seven times isn’t a lot. I’m not addicted. I CAN QUIT ANY TIME I WANT!)

But now I’ve seen this, I want to try it again.

Here’s the thing: the game wasn’t BAD. I’ve played BAD. It was just mediocre. If they assigned some good designers and upped the fun factor, it could even be good.

Maybe see if Rocksteady could rework it? After all, Arkham Asylum’s “Predator” gameplay wouldn’t be any further removed from real hacking than Watch Dog’s was.

2 thoughts on “NOW I Want To Play Watch Dogs

  1. Games really need to stop with the protagonist who is tortured by the memory of bad things they’ve done, but must continue to kill and kill again innocents to balance the wrong. As with GTA 4, the story falls apart when the game lets you kill everyone in sight.
    I liked Sleeping Dogs and the Saint’s Row series much better than GTA 4. Saint’s Row is all kinds of whack.

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