Three Ciri Cosplays From Witcher III

You can measure the popularity of a character by how fast they spread through the cosplaying community. Elisabeth, from Bioshock Infinite, became a sensation almost a year before the game was released. Her iconic cosplayer, Russian Anna Moleva, was not only hired as the official cosplayer of the character, Elisabeth’s in-game appearance was altered to make her look more like Anna. (More about Moleva tomorrow.)

By this measure, Ciri from Witcher III is very popular, indeed. Here are three great versions of the scarred princess from three different — and fabulous — cosplayers.


Beautiful cosplayer skooomaCat, portraying Ciri caught in a reflective moment. The rest of her shoot can be found at Skullova’s DeviantArt page.


Looking cold, almost arrogant, Love Squad (another veteran cosplayer) looks for trouble (which, in the world of The Witcher, is never far off). See the rest of her gallery at Geeks Are Sexy.


Last is Galina Zhukovskaia, showing Ciri’s martial side. Her gallery can be found over at Nerd Reactor!

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