Amazing Art: Artgerm!

Illustrator and designer Stanley Lau is one of the most amazing artists I have seen. Out of a sea of mediocrities, his work explodes with life, excitement, and personality. His paintings almost seem to breathe.

Lets do some examples. We’ll start with Batgirl.


It’s not just that the anatomy is immaculate (though it is), it’s that you can feel her personality: determination, fierceness, bravery. All of it radiates from the image, as if she were alive.

Next, Spider-Gwen.


Confident, focused (with that blank look you get on your face while concentrating on a physically demanding and intricate maneuver), but most importantly: in motion.

You can easily photograph something that’s happening right now: a runner taking a stride, a dog jumping for a frisbee. Lau manages to make a static painting seem like a slice of time, just one instant between the last motion and the next.

It’s incredibly hard to pull off, but he does it with panache and ease.

Last, Batman.


And that, folks, is the Dark Knight. Up front and in-your-face.

Lau has hundreds of pics like these, many of which are even better. (Look for “scarf” Supergirl.) You can find all of these At The Link!

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