In Honor of E3, Three VG Cosplay Hotties!

Yes 2015’s amazing Electronic Entertainment Expo, the Mecca of video games enthusiasts, has come and gone. (Mostly.) And in honor of the now-vanished E3, I give you three video game hotties, cosplayed by Crystal Graziano.

Starting off, Venus from Metal Gear Acid!


Next, Commander Sheppard from The-Franchise-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named.


And last, Valkyria Chronicles’ Azure Witch.


But wait! There’s more!

Crystal ALSO does Cammy from Street Fighter, Captain Marvel, Black Widow, and many others. Check ’em all out At The Link!

2 thoughts on “In Honor of E3, Three VG Cosplay Hotties!”

  1. amazing effort as always from the pros.

    -off topic- Anyway I saw in your twitter feed where you asked about what gun was in John Wick. for all your weapon identifying needs.

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