Russians Take Their Cosplay SERIOUSLY!

As cosplayer “Narga-Lifestream” shows. Let’s start with her Jill Valentine (Resident Evil).


Costume, attitude, scenery, acting out a scene from the game. All good. But what about her Ada Wong (also Resident Evil)?


All the above, plus zombies! Bad-ass!

Last, Sylvanas Windrunner (World of Warcraft).


Told you they take their cosplay seriously in Mother Russia. Она молодец!

You can find 25 more shots of Narga, including Lady (Devil May Cry 3), Laughing Octopus (Metal Gear Solid 4) and Tira (Soul Calibur), all At The Link!

(BTW, newspaper columnist Cathy Young helped me with the Cyrillic above. Cпасибо!)

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