100 Lines That Defined Their Films!

Snappy dialogue is the heart of a great film. Here’s 100 iconic movie lines, which embody the best in memorable dialogue.

• “Well do ya?” One of those lines — like “Beam me up, Scotty.” — that comes out better in its flanderized form.

• Yup. Still sad for Robin Williams.

• Francis Ford Coppola was shocked people found Col. Kilgore to be heroic and dashing. Coppola thought the character was insane.

• “We don’t need roads.” A line quoted by President Ronald Reagan.

• “Badges.” Flanderized and immortalized by Blazing Saddles.

• “Never having to say you’re sorry.” You know jack about love, sweetie.

• Lauren Bacall was 19.

Roger Rabbit. An instant classic. Bob Hoskins’ best work. (And it drove him nuts for a bit.)

• “His mother.” Effortlessly creepy, and STILL a scarier character than exists in most modern horror movies. Anthony Perkins had it.

The Princess Bride. If you don’t love this, you don’t love life.

Die Hard. So full of quotable lines, but that’s the best.

• Charlton Heston was a LEGEND. He dominated the silver screen.

• And they even got Christopher Lee.

It’s hard to argue with most of these. They certainly ARE lines that defined the movies they were in, and pop culture too. (At least American, which most of these movies were.)

Great choices all around. And if you’ve missed some of those movies, you should probably see them.

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