Christopher Lee Tribute: His 10 Best

Christopher Lee has passed away. Fortunately for us, his work remains. (And not just his acting. He helped defeat the Nazis, you know.)

IGN has a 2013 tribute video to his 10 best movies, which seems as good a place as any to start.

• #10 is ridiculous. I cannot believe there is no other film that could bump Attack of the Clones down a notch or two. Or ten.

Or thirty.

• Grand Moff Tarkin. I should have expected to find you holding the monster’s leash.

• Sherlock Holmes. One of his enduring roles, he played in multiple films.

• Hammer Horror. Where he earned his bones. (No pun intended. This time.)

(Obviously my watching of Lee movies is seriously deficient. I shall have to address that one of these days.)

• Bond. Of course. Even a mediocre Bond is usually better than most other movies. And with Christopher Lee playing the villain…

• Saruman. Lee was the best actor, and delivered the strongest performance, in all the Jackson Middle Earth films.

• Dracula. A role that came to define him. And he, in turn, came to define much of Dracula.

The Wicker Man. Or should I say, the GOOD Wicker Man. Pagan, disturbing, gruesome. A great horror flick.

I cannot add much to what I already posted about his life and his death. He was a great man, a great actor, and he will be missed.

5 thoughts on “Christopher Lee Tribute: His 10 Best”

  1. The Creeping Flesh easily knocks AOTC off the no 10 spot. Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing, talk about a twofer.

  2. It is a riddle, and it is correct. The line refers to one of the scenes, and once someone figures it out, the solution will seem obvious in retrospect. : )

    Hint: My comments are roughly in chronological order.

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