So, Kung Fury

If you haven’t, take a minute and watch. We’ll talk later.

We good?

Kung Fury is what it is, and there almost isn’t a point to either criticizing or praising it. (It’s the best example of the Bullshit Tax I’ve ever seen.) When it’s bad, it’s impossible to tell if it was incompetence or deliberate badness and when it’s good it’s impossible to discern between “I meant to do that!” and actual accomplishment.

I mean, he shoots a Lamborghini to open it up, then drops straight into the seat. Pointing out that these are both physically impossible is pretty much missing the point of the entire film. It’s therefore pointless to pick nits, but I’m gonna do it anyway.

• The distortion effect is meant to simulate and old VHS tape, but it’s really distracting. A lot of short film makers are using it nowadays and it’s annoying.

• Kung Fury himself first appears with a hot girlfriend. She never shows up again, which I felt really detracted from the core message of the film.

• The director (who also plays Kung Fury) really overused the psuedo “tracking error” effect of actual VHS tapes in the arcade machine fight. I get that he didn’t have the budget to do all of the effects he might have liked, but when a movie called Kung Fury totally omits the climactic punch of its first major fight, something’s wrong somewhere.

• Triceracop. I lol’ed.

• Hackerman. Possibly LESS ridiculous than the rest of the movie.

• Helloooooo nurse!

• The movie could definitely have used some more Barbariana, especially given the unwarranted slighting of the hot girlfriend.

• I liked Thor.

• Mustache jokes. Mitchell and Webb did it better. So did Hogan’s Heroes.

• Kung Führer. More realistic than Wolfenstein 3-D.

• Damn, that fight scene took a long time. Would work better as a 2-D side-scroller, which I am almost sure was the actual inspiration.

• Oooh, more Barbariana. Thank you, gods of deliberately crappy web shorts!

• In all the nonsense of the ending, a swastika on the arcade cabinet was actually a nice callback, and made the first scene make more sense. I assume this was entirely accidental.

From my POV, this movie basically took all of Torg, dropped it into a blender, and poured it out into a 1980’s VHS cassette. I wouldn’t watch it again, but it was an interesting little flick.

It shows how much can be done with $600,000 (gathered via crowdfunding) today. People complaining that they can’t break into movies have no leg to stand on.

BTW, the soundtrack is available on vinyl, if you’re interested.

3 thoughts on “So, Kung Fury…”

  1. To me Kung Fury was just too much like an Australian action comedy TV show called Danger 5. It has people with animal heads, dinosaurs, zany off the wall dialogue, over the top violence, and HITLER!

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